Hello, I’m Brian Hill. I’m writing
the page so that you get to know a
little bit about me.

Originally I come from a market
in Northumberland called Morpeth.
In 1989 I emigrated to Canada then
in 2003 moved to Puerto Rico.
Somewhere in-between that I lived
in Rouen, France. I now live in
central Florida on a small horse
farm with my wife and our Irish

I guess you could say that I’ve
been around the block a bit.

I’ve been blessed with a very
diverse and divergent background
that has helped me adapt to many
different situations, see problems
from many different perspectives,
connect the dots that ultimately
lead to the implementation of
effective solutions and in the
process grow the potential of my
clients organization.

I’ve spend most of my career as a
cGMP expert and am considered one
of the leading Quality System,
Manufacturing Excellence and
consultants in the Pharmaceutical
and LifeScience industries. Over
the past 30 years I have worked
with Companies both domestically
and Internationally to help them
handle crisis management and
turnaround, change management,
suppliers and 3rd party
manufacturing, quality system
remediation design, implementation
and verification, project
management and culture change.

If I were to summarize what one
side of my business does it is: ‘
Find the actual root cause of
problems and issues in my clients
quality systems, operation and
supply chain.
Partner with my clients to develop
effective solutions.
Educate his client’s teams and
management with the aim to create
the behaviors that will assure
quality beyond compliance, business
growth and satisfying clients
expectations and values.

The key thing about what I have
been doing over these years is that
the knowledge and experiences
obtained are transferrable.

I’m a strong believer in continual
educational and coaching. And I’ve
been coached by highly successful
business experts in a diverse field
of areas. I am a speaker at
technical and business venues and
am actively involved in business
management coaching. If there were
4 adjectives that could possibly
describe me these would be:
1. Discerning
2. Perceptive
3. Considerate
4. Highly adaptable to different

The path I have taken, and current
events, has led me to have a high
interest in setting up alternative
income stream pillars. Following
this path ultimately took me to
John Thornhill’s Partnership for
Success Program. Believe me this
was not a straight journey to get
here. Over the past few years I,
like a lot of others, fell victim
to chasing shiny objects and
spending a fortune on Mega events
and the like. None of these helped
me with the actual practical side
of setting up an on-line business.
I have to thank Steven Alvey for
introducing me to John. Now I have
a clear path forward to building a
new business with Partnership to
Success and achieving my goal for
an alternative income stream