Have you ever been told ...

YouR not listening! 

Discover how applying lateral listening will help you grow in your career, your business and your personal life.

Hi, I'm Brian Hill, Consultant to the Pharmaceutical Industry. As a consultant it's been my experience that, the more time you take to listen the more impactful are the end results. Listening to my clients has been key to creating the winning relationships needed to implement successful breakthroughs. 

But more than just active listening applying lateral listening has made a huge difference to my clients success.

So what will you learn in this Guide:

The Lost Art of Listening

Listening is critical to building successful, career and personal relationships. So why don't we listen?

The Importance of Listening First

It takes two people to share a feeling or idea - one to talk and one to listen.

Building Bridges of Understanding

To truly connect with your boss, your peers, your clients, your loved ones you need to understand how they see things in their reality - when you can do that you start to build trust.

Asking Meaningful Questions 

One of the greatest gifts you can extend to someone is to listen - Asking them great questions opens the door to connectivity, empathy, insight and knowledge.

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